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Global Kite Apparel: Clothing & Accessories for Kitesurfers on and off the water

We are inspired by the boldness of Lion's Head, Cape Town, the vivid colours of Cornwall, UK, the Sahara winds of Dakhla, Morocco and the wind swept beauty of the remote Shetland Islands, Scotland.

We have grown our Passion, developed with Innovation and honed our Experience to deliver collections in Synergy with the Kitesurf Lifestyle.

Our pursuit continues with travels to many more beautiful and unusual places. We would like you to join us...

Cheeky Bottom Funky Top Groovy Bottom Sassy Top Mighty Top

Now in Store @ShakeYourWave

"Turtle Kitesurfer" Tee for her "Turtle Kitesurfer" Tee for him Global Kite Apparel Short Sleeved T Shirt for Her "Manta Kitesurfer" Tee for him "Whale Shark Kitesurfer" Tee for her

Kitesurfing Tee's

Kitesurfing Tee's for him & for her

Designs from the worlds #iconickitespots. Look cool, stylish and ...In Synergy... with your Kitesurfing Lifestyle

Sterling Silver Kitesurf Twin Tip Pendant Kitesurf Map - Towel Sterling Silver Wakeboard Pendant Blue Braided Necklace Kitesurf Map - Foldable Kitesurfing Air Freshener for your ride

Kitesurf Maps from @awesomemaps, Jewellery & Gift Ideas

Awesome Maps Gift Ideas
Caps ...In Synergy... with you and your gear Handmade Sessions Hat - Red & White Handmade Sessions Hat - Blue & Purple Handmade Sessions Hat - Rainbow Colors Handmade Sessions Hat - Pink & Yellow


Hot or Cold with Headwear from @Chillz


Winds of Change

As the leading Global Kitesurf Apparel company with direct influence with the Global Kitesurf Community we are answerable to the planet's Oceans.

Riding up wind in a
Gale Force Storm