Our Social Responsibility

Kitesurfing has a huge global impact on Socio Economic and Environmental issues and so we have launched our Global Kitesurfing Project and Winds of Change initiatives. To learn more about our initiatives:

Global Kitesurfing Project

Winds of Change

3 Reasons why purchasing from Global Kite Apparel is good for you, good for kitesurfing & ...In Synergy... 

Reason 1: By purchasing from Global Kite Apparel you are supporting Marine Protection Initiatives and Kitesurfing Instructors and Centres globally. The proceeds from the sale of our Global Kitesurf Project T's goes directly to supporting Kitesurfing Instructors and Centres globally. Have a look!
Reason 2: When you purchase from Global Kite Apparel you receive a lazer engraved Global Kite Apparel placemat free in the post. Have a look!
Reason 3: We do not charge our Suppliers Listing Fees or Commission for Sales. We support Independent Brands and Creators and make sure you get the benefit!