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The sky is not the limit!  We've said it before and we've proven it many more times with our Fluid kiteboarding SKY. The Fluid kiteboarding SKY v3 here and it's even better than the V2! Why?  D2!  We're now producing all kites with the Tejin D2 fabric which will reduce wear to your Fluid kites drasticly.  The Sky is the only kite in our range without an F-tech framework and therefore we would need a stiffer canopy material for this model.

The Sky v3 is Developed by Gilion Goveia for breaking the highest jump record. The SKY v3 delivers high performance boosting on demand!  Due to its aerodynamic wing shape the SKY v3 delivers more forward speed than any other kite on the market. The additional power is easy to control due to the kite pulling in the exact same direction of traveling. Imagine yourself riding a hydrofoil with massive forward speed and ultimate control! If you are more into big air riding like Gilion, the SKY v3 will get you to new heights without a doubt. Jumping high just hasn’t been easier. Be aware the SKY v3 is not the limit!

The Fluid SKY v3 gives the rider full control of any situation due to it’s on demand power delivery. 
The SKY v3 has a 5 pencil strut design to make the kite as light as possible. Pencil struts are very thin and reduce the amount of drag on the trailing edge. The thin leading edge with our double inflation setup give the kite stability even in very strong wind. We recommend pumping the kite up to 9 PSI.
The SKY v3 has our 3D molded Silicon protection pads on both the struts-leading edge connection as well as the strut ends.

The 4 line setup works in full harmony with the simple bridle. The bridle is color-coded so it’s easy to connect your flying lines. As on any of our kites you can adjust the character of the SKY v3 by changing the bridle connection point on the elbow of the kite.
you can choose between a Big air, Hydrofoil or Freestyle character.