Global Kite Apparel: The Brand

The Question: Why is Kitesurfing Apparel "duck dived" into "Traditional Surf" Apparel? A "Traditional Surfer" spends approximately 5% of session time "Surfing" and a Kitesurfer spends 100% of session time "Kitesurfing"

Our Global Synergy: From the boldness of Lion's Head, Cape Town to the vivid colours of Cornwall, UK to the Sahara winds of Dakhla, Morocco to the wind swept beauty of the remote Shetland Islands, Scotland, we have grown our Passion, developed our Innovation and honed our Experience to deliver collections in Synergy with the Kitesurf Lifestyle. We will never stop the pursuit of our Lifestyle and continue our travels to many more beautiful places. 

Our Commitment to Quality: We do not dropship products. Every item is inspected by us and when we are satisfied we attach our signature fob for you to collect for discount on future products and include a placemat with your order. We do not simply get labels stitched on at point of manufacture to show our brand, instead, wherever possible we use embroidery that looks great and lasts. The exception to this is that some items can only be printed and it looks better anyway, for example our Technical Tops wouldn't feel too great under a wetsuit if they were embroidered.

Our Lifestyle: is not just on and off the water. It's our families that are with us at the waters edge, our children and our four legged friends. To meet this we have developed our "Super Young Kitesurfer" Collection and our Kitesurfing sheep.

Our Four Legged Friends: When we're at the beach we're likely to take our four legged friends. We've developed a range for their Lifestyle too thats functional, identifiable and in touch with their Lifestyle.

Our Mission: From new riders to experienced freestylers we strive to deliver Quality, Affordable Apparel that shines like the aura of our kites above us, is functional, and affordable. We don't aim to compete with the best, rather, our Mission is to be unique in our designs and Apparel. We don't do hoodies! Instead we do Fitted, Styled Hooded Jumpers that are organic, fitted and styled.

Local Designers with a Global reach: We support local Artists and Designers so get in touch if you feel your passion and lifestyle should be expressed in our Collections to reach the Global Kite Community.

Marine Protection Initiatives: At the forefront of our Business Model are Marine Protection Initiatives. Please see our "Winds of Change" and the Initiatives we support, with your help.

Windy regards from 60°N

"Mr J"

60°North, Shetland Islands, Scotland