Local Talent: Peter Gaye, Hereford, UK


Peter is the Lazer Jedi behind the quality laser etched and cut designs found on Global Kite Apparel placemats, fobs and bespoke products.

Peter's inspiration comes from kitesurfing and the desire to produce items that give,

"a sense of satisfaction, achievement and that little bit of 'uniqueness' that epitomises our sport of kiteboarding. Those moments when when you pull off that amazing trick for the first time, the pureness of being at one with nature, or that pure primeval adrenaline rush when you launch on a super windy day, (probably with too big a kite)"

Peter goes on to comment that, "There is something magic about harnessing the power that nature gives to achieve propulsion"

Peter started kite sports over 30 years ago on leaving the armed forces and his Passion, Innovation and Experience is evident in his work and bespoke craftmanship.

As a qualified and practicing mental health nurse, Peter vouches for the "physical and mental health benefits, of just 'being out there on the water' and identifies that, "Nonetheless, there's is no denying that in today's fast paced digital world any activity that is getting you out and testing you physically and mentally is no bad thing, shame it's not on the NHS prescribed activity list!"

"it's quite therapeutic seeing your designs going from ideas to specialist programs, then selecting your materials and seeing it all come to fruition as the finished item. It is truly unique with the only boundary being your own imagination!"

Collaborating with Global Kite Apparel, Peter comments that

"our visions and ideals seemed to mirror each other. Quality, bespoke products, for a discerning market."

Peter is available to undertake bespoke specialist commissions.