T's For Him & For Her
Our bespoke range of Global Kitesurfing Project T's 
For Him  and  For Her created by "Nabby" from the Maldives can be purchased from our online store with 100% of profits directly going to support Global Kitesurfing Projects.


Why we need YOU on this ride

Globally, a significant number of people, livelihoods, and businesses are solely reliant on income derived from kitesurfing.

At times of Emergency & Crisis people are experiencing personal, medical & financial difficulties.

In response we have launched the Global Kitesurf Project.

Our Project aims to raise £100,000 for distribution to those in need globally through the sale of our Global Kitesurf Project T's and Apparel. Additional donations and contributions can be made via our GoFundMe page:

Global Kitesurf Project GOFUNDME

Global Kitesurf Project Objective’s:

To offer support to the Global Kitesurfing Industry including, but not limited to:

  1. Kitesurfing Centers;
  2. Kitesurfing related Businesses;
  3. Kitesurfing Instructors;

 Who & What is Global Kitesurf Project

We are a Global "Not for Profit" Project that aims to respond to Emergencies & Crisis affecting those involved in the Kitesurfing Industry.

The profits of Global Kitesurf Project will be distributed to Applicants that meet the Application process criteria

The Global Kitesurf Project will leverage the global resources & community available to the kitesurf industry & broader reach at “sea level” to provide advice, assistance & community to those personally and commercially affected.

A key focus is for the mental wellbeing of everyone that is affected by emergency and crisis.

Global Kitesurf Project Opportunity:

The Global Kitesurf Community will come together in solidarity, understanding, compassion & empathy to assist those affected through provision of Grant Funding, or Advice & Assistance.


Our responsibility is to deliver a Non Profit Organization that will outlast the negative conditions experienced. Mother Nature & her planet continue to speak, we must now listen and act for the planet. We are therefore focussed on protecting our Environment..In Synergy...

Volunteer Opportunities available

  • We need YOU & YOUR SUPPORT 
  • Social Media guru's / influencers / #tagger
  • Communications & “Shout it out” gardeners to grow & spread the word
  • Crisis Management Technicians /Circumstance Guru & Trouble Shooters
  • Mental Health owls & Environmental monitors
  • Not For Profit Technicians / Social Enterprise Initiators
  • Kitesurfing Industry Leaders from manufacturers to retailers

Global Kitesurfing Project Financial Assistance Application:

Applications for assistance will be accepted by email with online video conferencing. All awards will be openly communicated and validated. Assistance will be based entirely on merit of Application & Assessment without influence of political, religious or affiliation considerations.

Distribution of assistance:

A panel of five (5) representatives from our Stakeholder groups will assess and evaluate the requirements and need of the Applicant.

Global Kitesurf Project Financial Accountability:

All Accounts & Financial Operations will be audited and will be transparent and available for inspection by stakeholders.

Income Generation:

Income will be generated via online sales and donations.

  1. Apparel, Clothing & Merchandise designed by artists & creators from the kitesurfing industry that will be distributed and sold via online channels;
  2. Online programs via Social Media Channels with “donation facility” and “subscriber contributions”;

Industry support:

We invite all manufacturers, industry leaders and kitesurfing champions to support our Global Kitesurfing Project and show support for those affected by hardship including: kitesurfing instructors, kitesurfing centres & retailers.