Global Kite Apparel Kitesurfing Gear & Equipment HARNESS
Global Kite Apparel Kitesurfing Gear & Equipment HARNESS
Global Kite Apparel Kitesurfing Gear & Equipment HARNESS
Global Kite Apparel Kitesurfing Gear & Equipment HARNESS


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Experience innovative technology

The Vapor is Prolimit's brand new hardshell kitesurf waist harness.


Size Waist Inch
XS 26-30
S 30-32
M 32-34
L 34-36
XL 36-38
XXL 38-40


Correct 3D shaping 

Our harness plate has the correct shape and fits you perfectly from the first use. There is no breaking in process necessary, this is not a badly made shoe. The correct shape keeps the harness from riding up and makes it very comfortable to use, even when overpowered.

Anatomically correct stiffness 
Our harness has the correct stiffness to work with the human body. It is way stiffer than traditional harnesses, but is not rock hard. This means the hardback absorbs all of the kite load without buckling and transfers this load to the rider in a controlled manner. 
Too much stiffness just loads up the edge and can cause discomfort and injury to the back, ribs and hip bones. Our high pressure, laminated material will bend correctly without splintering.

Dual flex design 
The load plate has 2 different flex zones. The back area is the stiffest and this allows maximum load dispersion. The side areas have more edge flex to allow for rib and hip comfort and sideways bend.

Slide-in barpad 
A bullet proof harness with weak front protection would be a waste. We have our high stability, slide-in barpad which locks the harness body into continuous 360 degree protection. This barpads stability also locks the spreader bar into place and ensures no bar movement, even during the worst drags.

Pin-release spreader bar 
Our patented spreader bar design allows bulletproof strength and easy of use. No further adjustment is necessary after the initial fit. Clicking in is easy and a one-step process. Releasing the spreader bar is also an easy one-step process, even under load (we have the only system on the market that ensures this)

Internal neoprene waist belt 
Our waist belt is made from neoprene, allowing it to equalise its load over the harness body and moulding it to the riders body for maximum grip with comfort.

Molded inside skin 
The inside skin of the harness is a soft, textured and molded part for grip and comfort.

Multi HPL points 
There are 3 options for HPL attachment on each harness. You can use the spreader bar, the tube covered rope at the back or either of the D-ring on the side.