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- 4 Equal lines 24m lines
- Colorcoded 3D EVA grip
- Push away QR system
- AFNOR certified QR system
- Above the bar depower.
- Frontline swivel (in QR)
- Strongest lines on the market.
- Spliced & sleeved lines.
- Pu covered depowerrope
- Fluid kiteboarding stainless center.
- Soft EVA barend.

Fluid kiteboarding has been improving the bar standard for years, with many brand copying our simple style control system. No over engineered design but a clean low maintanance bar is what we go for.

The CSG bar has been designed by Gilion for extreme riding! As kiteboarding is developing into a more and more extreme sport with riders taking their equipment into super extreme conditions. It was just a matter of time before we had to produce a extreme ridgid control system. CSG is a 4 line control system with a single frontline safetysystem.
The CSG bar comes with 500KG frontlines and 350KG backlines with very low stretch. The extremely strong lines make equipement failure a thing from the passed.

The single frontline safetysystem works in all conditions wether it's lightwind or stronger wind. Activate our new QR by pulling up the red cover and the chickenloop will open up. The bar will shoot up on 1 of the frontlines until it hits the stopper. 
You can now recover the kite and reassemble the QR or do a packdown.

Trimming the kite is very easy with the above the bar clamcleat system. The throw of the bar is 40cm prefect for people with short arms!
All lines are equall so you can use the CSG bar on pretty much any kite. 
The frontlines split at a low V which reduces the amount of pull onto the wingshape. Perfect for any kite in our range! 

The CSG bar a very safe and easy to use control bar


Model: CSG3 Bar
Style: Universal
Linesetup: 4 lines
Line lenght: 21m + 3M
QR system: Push away 
Line strenght:  480 KG & 790G