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FLUID BOARDS: TWOSEVEN BLACK 2020 (Black & Red // Black & Green)

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High Performance

4cm Progressive Rocker

Big Air, All Round, Freestyle

Boots compatible

134 X 40.5 CM
< 78 KG
136 X 41 CM
> 78 KG +
138 X 42 CM
> 95kg +

The Twoseven has a special design and more float / speed than other boards of the same dimensions

Our Prices are for complete Board, Bindings, Handle & Fins. Contact us for Deck Only prices. Style your ride.

Fluid Kiteboarding have finally done it!  After 2 years of development and testing we came up with the ultimate freestyle / big air board.  The Twoseven black 2020 is unique in many ways!  No other brand has anything like our Twoseven black series! The first shape of the twoseven was designed 10 years ago.  With all your feedback and intense testing by our riders, we’ve changed the board over the past years.  

Ever since Gilion started pushing the limits and breaking big air record after record the Twoseven became an iconic board for big air riding. The new Twoseven 2020 black series is taking kiteboard production to a whole other level!

The Twoseven  has a special outline at the tips of the board which include our Spray Reduction Tip (SRT) and at the end of the board you'll find our weight reduction gap. With only 2.6 KG as average weight this a light kiteboard (without bindings). The 3D top design and 4.5CM stage rocker with a very small concave and dual grip-channels give the Twoseven the perfect character for all riders.  The advanced flex tech offers you softlandings, smooth riding and explosive pop when you demand it.The playfulfeel, solid upwind performance and 3.6 to 4mm rail make this a board everyone will enjoy.

Each size has it's own rail thickness as heavier riders will need less flex compared to a lighter rider.  Another unique feature of the Twoseven 2020.

What’s new? 
We didn’t change the shape but we’ve changed the entire way the board is produced.  
Introducing basalt fibre. Basalt fibre is made from volcanic rock, it’s stronger than carbon, less stiff, very UV resistant and can withstand extreme loads without breaking.
The Twoseven black series has a medium ++ stiffness and is perfect for any rider out there! Yes any rider!  The Basalt fiber increases the pop to a new level.  The Board can now hold more energy which will be released back to you on a pop.  

We believe every person is unique, your style, your riding, your presence so why not your kiteboard?  
Not one single board of the Twoseven 2020 black series looks exactly like the one made before.  We’re using a very special material which you can only find in Fluid kiteboarding boards.  We add coloured silver flakes to the Twoseven 2020 which make your board come alive!  

Another very impressive feature is the unicorn dust layer which we’re adding on the topside of the board.  Whaaaaat? Yes we are adding a special dust to give the topside a pearl like effect.  At first sight you you might not see it but when your board gets wet it truely comes alive.  

Even for those who are not riding in extreme conditions the Twoseven is an amazing asset. With huge pop, easy handling and upwind performance even beginners can benefit from the Twoseven. Your first meters on a kiteboard, your first jump, your first trick the Twoseven will help you out! The Twoseven is an allround twintip that has an amazing character to perform in both waves and flat water conditions.